Zumba lessons: making fitness an enjoyment

Zumba is a Latin-American cardio- dance fitness which involves music and choreographed steps. It was initially created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990s. Zumba Fitness.

This semester, I decided to take part in Zumba in order to keep myself balanced during this busy time of the year. Moreover, because in the Diploma course, we don’t have a class for sports anymore, Zumba offered me the opportunity to have a consistent means of workout. Zumba has always been one of my favorite dance forms. It is so because it energizes me along with making my body flexible and fit.



CAS Project: planning and progress

For my CAS project, I am planning to initiate a day similar to the several spirit days we have at school. However, this day aims at devoting a day to a greener environment by saving energy, reusing things and sorting out the waste.

Environment Classroom Poster (2)
Poster for spreading out the new initiative!

In addition to the students, I will also be forwarding this message to the teacher faculty via a short notice in the morning bulletin to make everyone on board familiar with my project:

Description for the bulletin: Dear OSC students and faculty, for my CAS project, I am planning to initiate a day similar to the several spirit days we have at school. However, this day aims at devoting a day to a greener environment by saving energy, reusing things and sorting out the waste.Moreover, this is an opportunity for the OSC members to contribute to the goals of our service ‘Recycling and Sustainability’, where we are trying to train the OSC community to sustain in future. One way you could do this is by switching off the lights, fans and A/C when not in use; closing the classroom and canteen doors when the A/C is switched on; reusing things such as paper before disposing off and last but not the least, sorting out the waste into the correct bins.

Therefore, I am making an effort to make our school campus more sustainable and this is not only limited to this day, it would be appreciated if you all could carry this practice forward. Many thanks- Aashika Jain, DP 2.

New service initiatives: spreading awareness around the campus…

“The key to a greener planet is in our hands”

A quick update on what we do as  a service each week: we collect paper and cardboard from all over the school in groups led by the service leaders. After collecting the material, we separate them out into three bins and then, we transport and sell it to the nearby recycling center. We make about 200 LKR on an average each week. Moreover, we also collect clean plastic bottles in a container and send it to a plastic recycling center nearby. At the end of a hard working one hour, we reflect upon our work and things we learnt. But our service is not limited to just collecting and selling recycling material, it is something beyond. We aim at spreading awareness among people in order to make them self responsible for the amount of waste they produce and how to manage and reduce it.

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It has been a fresh and good start to service this academic year with an enthusiastic and committed group of people. This semester, our prime goal has been to spread awareness about the current issues on the degradation of environment in terms of waste disposal, around the OSC campus. Interestingly, one of the primary classes have proposed to work collaboratively with us i.e. they are planning to create a group of young environmentalists who would carry forward our service initiatives in the primary. This way we can expand our scope beyond secondary. We as a service have taken one step further by putting up newspaper articles on the waste disposal and other local environmental issues such as Meethotamulla disaster, onto the bulletin board. Our next step is to further our initiatives to communicate our goals with the OSC members.

Furthermore, we as a service have had the opportunity to meet three employees from MAS (a leading apparel industry in Sri Lanka). They informed us about a couple of initiatives they have taken towards a sustainable approach in their organisation such as: reducing solid waste by incinerating or reusing it, chemical management, using reusable material in their products and using of solar panels. Moreover, they are aiming to recover all the environment they have used/degraded in about 5 years.

An inspiring and interesting talk with the people from MAS

Last but not the least, I as a leader also have a responsibility towards achieving our service goals. Therefore, one way in which I have decided to accomplish this, is by basing my CAS project on it: I am planning to make use of this opportunity to spread awareness around the campus by initiating a ‘Green and sustainable’ day, during which all the OSC members will be expected to cooperate with my project by reducing, reusing and recycling the consumption of both paper and electricity; with the support of SGA and school teachers who could encourage their students to give out a helping hand to the environment. Hence, demonstrating engagement with issues of global significance.

Looking forward to another successful service year with a new group of people

Piano lessons: an enjoyable way to be creative

It has been long since I updated my creativity. So, I have been committed to learning piano since grade 11 and it has proven to be a good and fun decision. Hence, showing commitment to and perseverance in CAS experience. Over the course of one and a half years, I have been able to learn both about the instrument and some songs. However, I am still yet to learn more.

I take piano classes once every week, each one hour long. This allows me to relax my mind in learning something new and creative. Moreover, I am planning to participate in OSC got talent show this year and demonstrate my piano skills up on the stage. This way I will be able to develop areas for personal growth.

Body conditioning: adding up the balance

“All work, no play, makes Jack a dull boy”

Inspired from this quote, I decided to plan a CAS experience and join body conditioning to add balance to my busy schedule. Body conditioning really helped me to build up my body stamina and physical fitness. In body conditioning, we do all sorts of fitness activities such as pulling up weights, boxing, laps round the ground, squats, planks, etc. Initially, I found it hard and tedious, but once I got used to it, it built up my stamina, energized, and freshen me up. Moreover, along with a tiring yet enjoyable experience, I also build some creative skills i.e. our supervisor gave us puzzles to solve while we were working out. Those puzzles kept our brain working simultaneously at a faster rate than we could have without having been involved in a physical activity.

However, I could have tried out for a sport but this year is more demanding in terms of academics and as I live far away from school, I decided that instead of committing for a sport, I preferred joining an activity that keeps me on board with fitness.

I personally believe that physical fitness plays a crucial role in making one active and aid in the academic field as it freshens up the mind and increases the concentration level.

Further CAS goals for the last year— DP2

Personal goals: As an IB learner, one quality that is predominant in me is to pre plan everything I do and then reflect on it.

  •  My foremost goal would be to be balanced throughout my last DP journey and to meet this goal I have aimed to participate actively in both academic and creative, sportive and service field.
    • Creativity- For creativity, I have decided to learn an instrument and probably continue it even later. I chose to make this decision because firstly, my creativity would be on a continuity basis and in addition to this, I would be able to work upon my creative skills as well as develop areas for growth by identifying my own strengths by undertaking challenges and hence, developing new skills in the whole process.
    • Activity- For activity, I have not necessarily aimed for one but rather more. One of them being badminton which I have decided to go occasionally as in this last year, I will do as much as is necessary to keep a balance.
    • Service- For service, I have set my aim to make a change in the school community and make people aware about the growing concerns about wastage of resources around them. I am a part of the Recycling and Sustainability service and as a leader my prime duty is to stay committed towards my responsibility and to continue awaring and informing people about the issue. Hence, demonstrating engagement and commitment with issues of global significance
    • CAS project: Initially, I am planning to make an attempt to spread awareness among the school community regarding the importance of recycling via a campaign all around the school; I can also organise a clean up day in collaboration with reef keepers and SGA which involves educating people about the need to recycle and promote sustainability (initiating and planning a CAS experience).
  • One simple fundamental that I always follow is that to give your best in whatever you do whether it be sports, academics or art. It is never a good idea to mix up things and reach no conclusion.

Summer learning: internship at LIOC

“Never stop learning something new because life never stops teaching”

This summer I decided to gain some new skills in a completely new environment that will aid me in future. Therefore under my father’s guidance, I joined his office ‘Lanka IOC at the World Trade Centre” as an intern for a while. Being surrounded with a different group of people and working methods, I learnt the difference between working as an intern and as a student in the class; the difference is the focus of the work i.e. when working in office, one has to work from both the perspective of the office and oneself.

Though there are a lot of sectors one can be educated about a office. But because I went there as an intern without a certified designation, I was given the work as a researcher and was asked to research about Sri Lanka through the perspective of an economist. In the beginning I found it hard to collect the resources but then I came across a book titled “the annual report of Sri Lanka (2016)”. So, along with online sources I also used the report as my primary source. Then following the research, I made a presentation which talk about the research I have done- About Sri Lanka

In addition to this, I also got the opportunity to learn from other co- interns about LIOC and other related tasks in the enterprise. Last but not the least, being an intern was a new and a splendid experience. I learnt to be careful at work and take full responsibility of what is given.